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How To Throw An Awesome Holiday Party (at a venue)

‘Tis the season to start thinking and planning your upcoming holiday party! While the sheer thought of organizing a party may seem daunting, here are nine tips to help you plan the best holiday party you ever have!

  1. Establish a theme. How can you write a book without a premise? How can you bake an elaborate cake without a recipe? Okay, you get where I’m going here— you need a theme and you need to stick to it. Are you having a standard holiday party or one featuring your guests ugliest of sweaters? Having a concise theme also sets the tone for the décor, food and music as well.
  2. The venue. Take the stress (and cleaning) out of your party planning this year with choosing a fully equipped and experienced venue. The staff anticipates your guests’ needs before they even have them. Additionally, they will help coordinate, decorate and do the cooking for you!
  3. The food. People always remember the food. When selecting your menu at the venue, make sure you taste everything you order. Since you’re the one planning and hosting this holiday extravaganza, you will also be blamed if the food isn’t up to par.
  4. Plan for the unexpected. Okay, so you know that your Uncle likes the eggnog a little bit too much, fantastic, but you didn’t plan that his brother is also coming and he, too, likes to “spice” up the ‘nog even more. Make sure you have enough food and beverages (especially the non-alcoholic) selection available when the party is winding down. And if that’s not enough, make sure you have a list of local cabs or car services handy!
  5. There’s a saying and it goes, “you’re never too old to play games.” Have some festivities going on at the party to liven it up. Pin the tail on the reindeer, Secret Santa, whatever it is— do it. Even those who may roll their eyes will have fun!
  6. Everyone likes a little competition and the only way to celebrate a victory is with a prize. Make custom “trophies” or find something silly at your local Dollar Store! Give your guests a memento to help them remember that you throw the absolute best holiday parties.
  7. What’s a party without tunes? Hire a local band or a DJ! Make this a night that your friends and family will remember! If you’re opting to be your own mix-master, make sure your playlist is fully loaded and one that anticipates popular requests that your guests may have and also, always, bring a backup!
  8. Ask your friends for their input! Before you make any final decisions, poll your guests as to what they are looking for in an awesome holiday party. Incorporate your learnings so that they know that their feedback is valued.
  9. Make sure you have plenty of seating! While any good venue will have this taken care of for you— your guests will eventually tire from dancing, playing games and perusing the food and drink selections.

To speak to a professional party planner or to book your holiday extravaganza, please call 518-563-0920 or visit us online at Happy holiday party planning!

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