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An Adirondack Dream Wedding

At Butcher Block’s Adirondack Room we are lucky enough to be a part of some couples’ big days! Here’s one of our most recent newlywed’s stories!

Derek and Liz got married on Saturday, August 2nd at the Adirondack Room and loved their experience so much that that wanted to share it with those who are currently considering the venue to celebrate their own big day.

Let’s start from the beginning— where did you both meet?

D: We met at a job during a summer program working with disadvantaged high school students. We connected over the summer and never looked back!

L: We really tried to remain as private as possible, to not distract from the students or the other co-workers we worked in close proximity with. It was difficult, but it also made it more magical!

So you had a secret romance, how exciting! How did you finally go public and propose? 

D: I proposed, after having attempted to for a couple weeks, on my birthday by taking a hike up a local mountain.

L: Conflicting schedules made it difficult, plus, at the time we were living a part from one another…

D: I posed the hike as a special request for my birthday— halfway up the mountain it started to rain, which made things tough, but at the top, I found the perfect place to pop the question!

That sounds so romantic! What made you consider celebrating your big day in the Adirondack Room in the first place? 

D: The Adirondack Room was ideal in that it was accessible for most all friends and family by being in Plattsburgh.

L: Since we love nature, we also wanted an Adirondack feel to our wedding, and, of course that made sense about the venue.

D: The feeling we got from the staff really made us comfortable with being able to have the wedding we wanted without many limitations.

L: I completely agree— the venue and staff were very flexible and willing to try and create the atmosphere we wanted. We were attracted to the potential ability to be able to host indoors and outdoors throughout the night.

D: And the price was fantastic for all we would be receiving!

Do you have any advice for any newly engaged couples? 

D: The biggest piece of advice we were given and held true: Pick your venue, DJ, photographer, and if your venue doesn’t include a caterer book this as quickly as you can.

L: Also, try to decide about your vision of your venue and the general style of your wedding from the beginning, so you can choose these things as soon as possible!

Do you have any last thoughts about your big day? 

D: Our day was perfect. It was the ultimate symbol of our two lives meeting and us joining as lifelong companions.

L: …And a celebration of those who have help instill the values and personalities we carry with us every day, our families and friends.

D: I would suggest the Adirondack room for any newly engaged couple looking for an ideal space for a beautiful day. The Adirondack Room, its rustic theme only accentuated the day and how perfectly it went, but we want to give a personal shout-out to the staff and Libby Hyatt.

L: We want to give a big thank you to all the staff that supported our day and a commendation to the chef for excellent meals! We truly were made to feel as the most important priority for all the staff that day!

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