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Putting the BUTCHER in Butcher Block: We Know Our Meat!

The quality steaks and seafood we serve are something we take very seriously at the Butcher Block!  Since opening our doors in 1975, we have been about to provide our guests with superior foods as a result of our standards for our products, the aging process of the meat, as well as our practice of hand-cutting our steaks. This blog will educate you about everything that goes into our steaks at the Butcher Block. steak and lobster Great steaks start with great cattle. At the Butcher Block, our steaks come from cattle ranches in the Northern United States and Canada to ensure proper meat-to-fat ratio and acceptable slaughter dates. We have a specific age range that we require our beef to be slaughtered within to ensure ideal weight, fat ratios and other various factors. The cattle ranches that we work with allow us to have the control we need to ensure that only the finest steaks reach our guests. Some of our fans may not know that different cuts of meat come from different sections of the cow. For example, the part of the cow used for Inside Round is distinctly different from the part of the cow that is used for Sirloin steaks. These distinct sections are referred to as primal or sub-primal cuts. The primal and sub-primal cuts of beef arrive at our restaurant and the aging process begins! beefmap Our aging process is an intricate part of bringing superior steaks to our customers. Don’t get confused about our “aging” process. While the term “aging” may conjure up images of sub-par steaks, it is quite the opposite. The finest high-end steak houses in New York City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles use the same aging process in their establishments as we do at the Butcher Block. We have the space and the time to age our meat properly, a factor that is key in providing superior steaks. During the aging process, it takes around 11 days to start seeing a difference in the meat. As meat ages, it becomes more tender as well as concentrated in flavor. The longer the meat ages, the more the natural enzymes in the meat break down to create a softer and more easily digestible cut. At Butcher Block, our beef is wet-aged for a minimum of 30 days to ensure maximum flavor and tenderness for our guests. The art of hand-cutting is specific butchering that only a few in the Plattsburgh area are trained in. At the Butcher Block, we are fortunate to have Craig on our staff to hand-cut all steaks for our guests. You may be asking yourself, “why hand cutting?” Hand-cutting allows for the butcher to get the best cut of meat from each of the primal cuts. Strip Loin, Tenderloin, Short Loin, and Ribeye are all sub-primal cuts we age and hand-cut in-house. A special band saw is used to get a clean cut through bone, allowing for the highest quality bone-in steaks. Our beef is never frozen or pre-packaged, which allows our guests enjoy the freshest possible steaks. It will only take one taste of our steaks to experience the difference our specialized process makes. We invite you to join us for dinner at the Butcher Block to taste the difference. Mention that you read this blog post and receive a free dessert from us!

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